We’re getting things done.

We identify promising opportunities for our clients and successfully establish top innovations on the market within a very short time. We integrate innovative financing instruments such as convertible bonds, combined call-put options or the slicing-pie models familiar from the US start-up scene into familiar structures.

By the way, we take a large part of the start-up risk on our own. Because start-up complexity, innovation and success are in our blood. We work cost-effectively, highly efficiently and sustainably and lead our projects to success with intrinsic motivation.


Our Promise of success:

Success based model

Due to our success-based model we have a high self-interest in the success of your start-up. Your goals are our goals, your success is our success.

StartUp mentality

We found the StartUp together with you and deliver it step by step. In this way we take the majority of the entrepreneurial risk off your shoulders.

State-of-the-Art Methodology

The less capacity we use, the better for ourselves. For the success of your start-up, we work hybrid, lean, agile, automated and cost-optimized.

More efficient than other innovation methods

In-house innovation, spin-off or market purchase of a start-up are not powerful enough for us. We unconventionally lead your start-up to a successful product on the market in record time.

Customized production

Full flexibility and scalability, minimal risk and low cost: We customize your pioneer start-up according to your requirements.

Integration guaranteed

You benefit from optimal compatibility and custom-fit integration into your existing company if desired.

Made in Germany

+ Industry 4.0

> customized StartUp

> quickly from the idea to the product!

> sustainable establishment in the market!

> optimized chance and risk profile

Wir Sind

We are

> Entrepreneurs & Passionates

> Enterprise proof

> forward-thinking, enthusiastic, curious and smart

> extremely fast in implementation

> 100% customer, compliance & solution oriented

> digital, innovation and speed competence

> Outsourcing Professionals

Kunden profitieren von

Customers benefit from

> Extremely broad, widely proven start-up expertise

> already included (tax-)legal optimization in setup, integration and financing

> flexible, scalable concepts

> Best Practice & State of the Art

> our high-potential network

> attractive opportunities & low risk

> StartUp-as-a-Service

> Company-Building

> StartUp-Studio

> Venture-Builder

We Pioneers provide you with the complete innovation cycle: From idea generation and development, business model and planning, establishment of the pioneer start-up as a dynamic spin-off, product development and operational business within your pioneer start-up including scaling - up to optional integration into your existing company.

Mann vor Planungsboard

A small step for you.

A big step for your company.

In five pioneering phases to

highly competitive StartUp.

Phase 0
Preliminary talk
  • Introduction
  • Pionier-Manufaktur
Phase 1
Define targets
  • > target analysis
  • > offer
Phase 2
  • > Planning
  • > risks
  • > cost
  • > contract
Phase 3
  • > Experts
  • > Infrastructure
  • > Strategy
  • > Product
  • management
Phase 4
  • > Delivery
  • > Transfer of shares
Phase 5
  • > optional: Integration