Kickstarting small and medium-sized businesses.

Go for it! Set new targets.

Businesses are in an upbeat mood. The winners of the future are getting into starting position now. Change. Shift. Chances: We awaken the pioneer spirit in traditionalists and accompany market leaders, SMEs, corporations and hidden champions to new innovative strength and creative competitiveness.

Man staring at planning board

Take a chance on Innovation!

Along your ideas and challenges, we design and build extremely individualized high-tech start-ups, joint ventures and product ecosystems that are encapsulated from the core business of the parent company.

Align yourself internationally. Conquer new market shares! Become a pioneer in a niche, in a sector or in cutting-edge technology. Gain a casual edge over the global competition with our support.

We identify promising opportunities for our clients and successfully establish top innovations on the market within a very short time. We integrate innovative financing instruments such as convertible bonds, combined call-put options or the slicing-pie models familiar from the US start-up scene into familiar structures.

By the way, we take a large part of the start-up risk on our own. Because start-up complexity, innovation and success are in our blood. We work cost-effectively, highly efficiently and sustainably and lead our projects to success with intrinsic motivation.